The PRovoke Media Podcast

Roundtable: Unlocking B2B results with intelligent PR

November 29, 2021

PRovoke Media partnered with the Hoffman Agency to explore how public relations ideas and strategies can be deployed to address B2B challenges and drive tangible, sustainable business outcomes.

The discussion featured the following panellists:

  • Justin Lam, Business Executive Officer, Nespresso HK & Macau
  • Marty Filipowski, Director of Public Relations, APJ, Nutanix
  • David Hardoon, Managing Director, Aboitiz Data Innovation
  • Caroline Hsu, Managing Director AP, The Hoffman Agency
  • Sheel Kohli, Chief Marketing Officer, Eqonex
  • Arun Sudhaman, Editor-in-Chief, PRovoke Media (moderator)

0:00 Introductions & relevant experience
6:05 Changing role of PR in B2B marketing strategy 
23:27 Long term objectives vs short term focus
29:34 Understanding what PR can accomplish
35:40 Changes in PR investment, from media relations towards social media, owned/paid content and influencer marketing
50:05 Using data and commstech to measure and prove return on PR investment
1:07:17 Quality of B2B content

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