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Rebooting The Automotive Launch Playbook With Infiniti

November 10, 2021

This conversation explores two launches: both in the same sector, during a global pandemic but targeting two very different groups. The Infiniti Motor Company recently  launched its QX55 and QX60 models and the pandemic opened opportunities to experiment with new launch strategies — and ultimately reboot its playbook. The discussion that features Wendy Orthman, Infiniti’s newly-promoted GM of global integrated brand, marketing and communications, in addition to Stephanie Friess, SVP at imre.

Topics Covered: 
02:02 Orthman on moving to Japan to join Infiniti just as Covid-19 enveloped the world 

04:33 Friess draws parallels between automotive and beauty, retail & lifestyle 

06:04 The QX 55 launch — and the unexpected pandemic pivot 

08:12 How lockdown allowed the team to take unprecedented risks 

11:20 How to replicate the sensory experience of buying a car during the pandemic

12:49 Rethinking exec comms around the ‘no suits rule’ 

15:03 ‘It takes a village’ - a new way to approach the marketing mix 

18:43 Getting real about the role of celebs vs more accessible influencers 

21:00 How the ‘Claire’ persona for QX60 still included multicultural nuance

25:11 Lessons learned on integration 

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