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When CEOs + CCOs Clash, Is Leaving The Only Recourse?

October 19, 2021

In this episode of the PRovoke Media podcast, PRovoke Media's executive editor Aarti Shah talks to Gabriel Stricker who has been immersed in Silicon Valley for two decades with senior roles at Google, Twitter, Niantic, the Emerson Collective, and most recently at Color. They talk about how Stricker nearly took on the top communications job at Theranos — and the lessons he learned from that near miss. Drawing upon Stricker's experiences, they talk about what happens when CCOs and CEOs clash on values, ethics and purpose. The conversation happened on the backdrop of Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen's testimony before the Senate. 


01:30 Gabriel Stricker on almost working at Theranos 
03:50 The importance of having moral alignment with the leadership team
06:17 Is it possible to vet for character during the interview process? 
10:05 Is the gold rush mentality in tech normalizing people compromise their values for big payouts? 
13:34 Having a healthy internal culture and building harmful products aren't mutually exclusive
17:36 Should CCOs be chief conscience officers? 
28:43 The tricky economics of the agency world
36:33 Stricker's rule for vetting companies 

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